Forward Together PAC: Senator Mark R. Warner, Honorary Chair

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Health Care

health care

The problems with our health care system are clear. Our current system cannot be financially sustained for the next decade. Too many people across Virginia and across the country don’t have adequate health coverage, and too many who do have coverage are struggling with skyrocketing health care costs.

We need health insurance reform that ensures every American has access to quality, affordable health care, while preserving the level of competition that will drive innovation, improve efficiency and lower costs. Forward Together will work for measures that utilize real data to determine medical standards, protect seniors in an often inhospitable health care system and take advantage of breathtaking advances in technology to improve care.

Jobs and the Economy

construction worker

The economic challenges we face are serious. Unemployment is up and the troubles on Wall Street make almost everyone nervous about the future.

We have to create jobs and get our economy back on track without ballooning the federal budget deficit. Wise investment in the future coupled with commonsense regulatory reforms can and will bring us out of this recession. Forward Together will continue to work on behalf of candidates working to relieve the foreclosure crisis and repair our banking system.

Energy and the Environment

Wind farm

Our energy future is critical to addressing global warming, protecting our national security and creating the sustainable jobs of the 21st century. That’s why Forward Together will work to elect candidates and enact policies that encourage an “all of the above” approach to reducing emissions and investing in emerging energy technologies that will create millions of new jobs, affect climate change and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Virginia can and will be a leader on energy innovation. Forward Together is working to make that happen.

Reforming Government

Virginia capitol

Forward Together has always endorsed candidates and proposals that aim to apply greater transparency, accountability and responsibility to government services. It’s the only way to ensure that taxpayer money is spent wisely and to create an environment where individuals and business can succeed and thrive.

Virginia can serve as a model for the nation in this regard. A sensible budget and a professionally run government in Richmond have combined to create a state ranked No. 1 for businesses. This is just the kind of efficiency and accountability Forward Together seeks to maintain in the Commonwealth and restore in Washington.